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Jokowi: The Pekanbaru-Dumai Toll Road Has Invited Investors

President Joko Widodo is pleased that the Pekanbaru-Dumai toll road can finally be inaugurated. This is because the existence of the 131 kilometer ...

Penulis: Lia Sisvita Dinatri | Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
Dumai Toll Gate section 6 (Duri Utara-Dumai) on the Pekanbaru-Dumai Toll Road along 131 kilometers. This toll road will be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo, Friday (25/9/2020) 

Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri - President Joko Widodo is pleased that the Pekanbaru-Dumai toll road can finally be inaugurated.

This is because the existence of the 131 kilometer toll road has attracted investors.

"I received a report that the existence of this toll road has invited investment interest to develop businesses around this toll road," said President Jokowi during the inauguration via a video conference from the Presidential Palace, Bogor, Friday (25/9/2020).

He said the investors would open industrial estates around toll roads

In addition, there are also those who intend to develop housing to tourism spots.

This will certainly have a positive impact on the economy

He also advised local governments to be responsive in responding to the planned entry of these investors. 

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"Investors' interest in supporting regional development like this must be responded quickly, so that local governments and communities can benefit from the existence of infrastructure built by the government," he said.

The Pekanbaru-Dumai toll road is known to be part of the Trans Sumatra toll road along 2878 km which will stretch from Aceh to Lampung. 

The Pekanbaru-Dumai toll road consists of six toll sections, namely section 1 (Pekanbaru-Minas) along 9.5 kilometers, section 2 (Minas-Kandis Selatan) along 24.1 kilometers, and section 3 (Kandis Selatan-Kandis Utara) along 16,9 kilometers.

Then section 4 (Kandis Utara-Duri Selatan) is 26.5 kilometers, section 5 (Duri Selatan-Duri Utara) is 29.45 kilometers and section 6 (Duri Utara-Dumai) is 25.05 kilometers. (*) 

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