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Batam Customs Supports the Recovery of Marine Tourism Economic Due to Covid-19

Batam Customs and Excise encourage the recovery of Indonesia's marine tourism sector by imposing adaptations to new habits.
Virtual meeting attended by members of Batam Customs regarding the Implementation of Government Regulations on CIQP Clearance. Batam Customs and Excise are encouraging the recovery of the marine tourism sector which has been sluggish due to the Covid-19 pandemic., BATAMBatam Customs and Excise encourage the recovery of Indonesia's marine tourism sector by imposing adaptations to new habits. 

During the Consultation Meeting and Implementation of Government Regulations Concerning CIQP Clearance (Customs, Immigration, Quarantine, Port) and Adaptation of New Habits online, Customs also participated in providing facilities in the form of Temporary Import of Yacht Ships in accordance with the provisions of Temporary Import of Foreign Tourist Ships according to PMK 261 / PMK.04 / 2015. 

The meeting was held by the Welcome Yacht Community by inviting the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Directorate General of Indonesian Immigration, Yacht operators and Health Quarantine to equate understanding regarding new habitual adaptation policies.

Head of the Batam Customs Department, Susila Brata, said Customs will help implement new adaptations to boost the Indonesian economy through the tourism sector. 

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The Covid-19 pandemic, which is still ongoing today, has a significant impact, especially on tourism sector.

This requires coordination from various parties to produce policy products that can rotate Indonesia's economic conditions, from the central government to local governments. 

Policies are needed to anticipate the economic impact of the spread of the coronavirus.

One of them is the change to continue carrying out normal activities while still implementing health protocols that are enforced in all business sectors, including the services of the Yacht Tour Ship.

( Ashari Diana Putri)

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