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Covid-19 Cases Increased in Batam, 4.105 People Exposed to the Virus, Mostly Private Employees

Based on data from the Batam Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Monday (30/11/2020), there were 89 people who were confirmed positive for Covid-19. Thus,..

Corona virus illustration, BATAM -- The addition of patients confirmed positive for Covid-19 in Batam cannot be stopped.

Based on data from the Batam Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Monday (30/11/2020), there were 89 people who were confirmed positive for Covid-19. Thus, the total number of cases crept up to 4,105 people. 

"This virus has not been successfully resolved due to the weakening of public compliance with health protocols," said the Head of the Batam Covid-19 Task Force for Health, Didi Kusmarjadi, Tuesday (12/1/2020) 

On the same date, only 6 patients recovered. With a total cure of 3,246 people. 

Now, the number of patients who have died has reached 103. Meanwhile, there are 756 patients still in treatment. 

Some of the patients are still placed in Bapelkes, a number of private and government-owned hospitals, as well as in independent isolation. From the attached data, as many as 455 OTGs were treated at the Galang Covid-19 Hospital. 

Patients infected by occupation are still moving in the private employee cluster, namely 2,290 people. Followed by the Housewives Cluster (IRT), which amounted to 372 people, then the Businessman cluster with 283 people, and others. 

On the other hand, nine mainland sub-districts are still in the red zone, two hiterland sub-districts are yellow. Only one district, namely Penyangga Island, is still in the green zone. 

In addition, Didi emphasized, patients exposed to Covid-19 who have been isolated for 10 days do not need to do a swab. This matter refers to the new regulation of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) RI. 

After the isolation period, patients who are positive for Covid-19 can be discharged immediately. In the rules of the World Health Organization (WHO), after 10 days, the virus will not transmit again. 

( Uly Sianturi)

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