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Visit Riau Islands Doesn't Require Rapid Antigen Test, This is the Provincial Government's Reason

This policy was taken after studying the impact of implementing the rapid antigen test on tourist visits to Bali Province. Many tourists canceled ...

Illustration of corona rapid test, BATAM - The Riau Islands Provincial Government does not require prospective passengers who enter from Hang Nadim Airport, Batam, to have a rapid antigen test certificate.

This was determined based on the governor's circular. 

Head of the Riau Islands Province Tourism Department, Boeralimar, said the regulation on carrying an antigen rapid test certificate had been proposed to the provincial government. 

However, the provincial government rejected the proposal due to various considerations. 

"For the SE in question, it took effect yesterday, Monday (21/12/2020)," said Boeralimar by telephone, Tuesday (22/12/2020). 

The Riau Islands Provincial Government is still implementing antibody rapid tests because of concerns about economic growth. 

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The provincial government, he said, wanted to restore the economy of the Riau Islands which had been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The government does not want the Riau Islands economic sector to fall just because of implementing rapid antigen tests and PCR swabs, because currently, the economy of the Riau Islands is very shaky," said Boeralimar.

This policy was taken after studying the impact of implementing the rapid antigen test on tourist visits to Bali Province. Many tourists canceled their trips after Bali implemented this policy.

Boeralimar wants the tourism sector in the Riau Islands to move forward again and make the economy slowly rise from its slump during the Covid-19 pandemic. (*)

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