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Mount Merapi Released 14 Times Hot Clouds This Morning, Ash Rain Fell in Boyolali

Of the 14 hot clouds of avalanche that occurred today, the farthest sliding distance was seen to take place at 08.22 WIB, which is 1,500 meters.
Screenshot of Mount Merapi's activity which emitted hot clouds on Tuesday (26/1/2021). (BPPTKG) - Mount Merapi has released hot clouds of avalanches 14 times today, Wednesday (27/1/2021).

The hot cloud lasts for the monitoring period from 06.00 WIB to 10.00 WIB. 

Head of the Center for Geological Disaster Research and Technology Development (BPPTKG), Hanik Humaida, stated that even though Mount Merapi is increasingly producing hot clouds, this incident is still considered to be within normal limits. 

The material that comes out of the crater of Mount Merapi also causes ash rain to fall in several areas.

"It was reported that there was light ash rain in several villages in Tamansari District, Boyolali Regency, and Boyolali City. People are urged to anticipate disturbances due to volcanic ash," Hanik said in a written statement, Wednesday (27/1). 

Of the 14 hot clouds of avalanche that occurred today, the farthest sliding distance was seen to take place at 08.22 WIB, which is 1,500 meters. 

The hot cloud fell to the southwest of the Krasak River and the Boyong River. 

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Until now, BPPTKG still sets Mount Merapi activity on Alert (Level III). 

The current potential danger is in the form of lava avalanches and hot clouds in the south-southwest sector which includes the Boyong, Bedog, Krasak, Bebeng, and Putih rivers with a maximum distance of 5 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the ejection of volcanic material in the event of an explosive eruption can reach a radius of 3 kilometers from the summit.

The community shouldn't carry out any activities in areas of potential danger, and be aware of the dangers of lava, especially when it rains around Mount Merapi

Mining in the rivers that originate at Mount Merapi in KRB III is recommended to be stopped.

Tourists are recommended not to carry out activities in areas of potential danger and craters as far as 5 kilometers from the top of Mount Merapi. (*)

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