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'GUNA-GUNA Mengalahkan Pandemi' Anak Presiden Jokowi Janji Mau Nikahi Felicia Tapi Ghosting

Ibu Felicia Tissue berkoar menceritakan janji anak Presiden Jokowi, Kaesang Pangarep, menurutnya anak presiden Jokowi Tersebut akan menikahinya

Kaesang Pangarep dan Felicia Tissue, dikabarkan putus 

Diketahui teman kuliahnya itu mengaku mengetahui betul hubungan keduanya.

Sayang, ketika masalah ini terjadi teman kuliahnya itu lebih memilih membela Felicia karena mendapat perlakuan tak baik dari Kaesang.

Dikutip lewat postingan teman kuliahnya itu terungkap penyebab Kaesang dan Felicia putus tak jelas.

Hal ini lantaran, Kaesang ghosting meninggalkan Felicia tanpa alasan.

Teman kuliahnya itu juga menyebut tidak ada penjelasan pasti dari Kaesang memutuskan hubungannya dengan Felicia.

Sementara itu, Felicia menantikan kepastian dari Kaesang dan memilih sabar dan diam.

Selama lima tahun Kaesang dan Felicia Tissue menjalani hubungan hingga diumbar ke publik.

Felicia saat itu pun telah menaruh kepercayaan dan kesetiaan kepada Kaesang.

Diungkap temannya, Kaesang tiba-tiba meninggalkan Felicia tanpa alasan.

Di tengah-tengah Felicia menunggu kepastian itu, Kaesang ghosting.

Kaesang tak meninggalkan jawaban atau pun balasan untuk Felicia.

Kaesang juga tiba-tiba menghilangkan foto-foto Felcia dari akun Kaesang.

Merasa kelakuan Kaesang ghosting dan tak baik, teman kuliahnya itu mengungkapkan kecewa.

Ia juga kecewa kelakuan Kaesang dari keluarga terpandang memperlakukan perempuan tidak adil.

Berikut pernyataan lengkap teman kuliah Kaesang dan Felicia Tissue yang buka suara:

"I am posting this here because i want to you know that you have the biggest mistake of your life.

As a woman & a friend who knew both you and Felicia from our university years, i was so disappointed in your actions.

You should be ashamed of your actions and i will stand up for her as her friend even though she has been silently suffering.

For five years you dated my friend, brought her out the public eye and led her to believe that she was the only one for you.

Then for no reason, you started ghosting her as as if she wasn’t ever important in your live.

Even if you had reasons, what makes you think that you have the right to suddenly abandon her when she was by your side all this time?

No answer, no replies and suddenly removing all photos of her from your account.

You left Felicia hanging with no idea what happened. And as if that’s not enough, she had to deal with the breakup being reported all over the news.

You broke her heart into a million pieces. She still kept quit & silently fought on. but you had to hurt her again with this sudden new relationship which she had to find out from the news. What kind of a man are you?

This is not how a man from a reputable family or any man for that matter, shoukd treat a girl who has been nothing but faithful and loyal to you for the past 5 years.

If you want to break up with a girl - tell it to her face, give her the closure that she needs.

aunty @meulia*** we all stand together with Felicia." tulis akun kimberley*** teman kuliah Kaesang dan Felicia Tissue.

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