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Mount Sinabung Erupts, Losses Estimated at IDR 29 Billion

Mount Sinabung volcanic activity in Karo Regency, North Sumatra, this week has increased significantly. The eruption of Mount Sinabung caused ... SETIAWAN
Mount Sinabung released hot clouds of avalanches as far as 5,000 meters, NORTH SUMATRA -  Mount Sinabung volcanic activity in Karo Regency, North Sumatra, this week has increased significantly. 

The eruption of Mount Sinabung caused thousands of hectares of community agricultural land to be severely damaged with a loss of up to IDR 29 billion. 

The mountain experienced an eruption and released hot clouds. 

As a result, the community's 3045 hectares of agricultural land was badly damaged because it was covered with volcanic ash from Mount Sinabung

The damaged agricultural land is located in four sub-districts in Karo, namely Payung, Tiganderket, Tiga Binanga, and Kutabuluh. 

Quoted from VOA Indonesia, Head of the Karo Agriculture Department, Mahtesa Sitepu, said that losses related to the Sinabung eruption were estimated at Rp 29 billion. 

"The total area affected is around 3045.8 hectares, with losses reaching 2,9178,171,825 or more than Rp 29 billion," said Mahtesa, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

Mahtesa explained that the agricultural land for corn, chilies, salak, oranges and coffee is predicted to fail the harvest due to the volcanic ash. 

Currently, the local government is trying to clean the volcanic ash covering the plants using a blower. 

"Hopefully, it will rain soon so that the natural cleaning process can be faster and the community will not suffer too much loss." he concluded. 

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