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Batam Game Developer Create 'Riau Islands Game Show', Rising up the Riau Islands Creative Industry

There are many ways to generate creative industries in the Riau Islands Province. Like the Batam Game Developer Community has made, for example.
Batam Game Developer creates 'Riau Islands Game Show', raises the Riau Islands Creative Industry., BATAM - There are many ways to generate creative industries in the Riau Islands Province.

Like the Batam Game Developer Community has made, for example. 

They held the Riau Islands Game Show located at G Coffee, Pasir Putih, Batam City, last Sunday (14/3/2021).

This event has an open exhibition concept, where the committee invites several studios and campuses in Riau Islands that already have game products, both at the development level and at the release and monetization stages.

Apart from the exhibition, there was also a talk show about the game industry and also the release of 3 local games, namely, 'Leturn: Defense of Magic' from Dream Studio. 

'Who is He: Let Me Out' from 4Happy Studio and Armaegis, all games are original products of Kepri.

Game Dev Batam and Gekrafs Kepri will continue to follow up on this program and later will open a bootcamp or training for people who are interested in developing their own games and interested in making games as work.

This community led by Julio Andriyanto has been established since 2018, starting with 15 members. And currently has more than 100 members. 

The main purpose of the establishment of this community is as a collaborative forum to create quality local games and to revive the game industry in the Riau Islands province. 

"The aspirations of this community are in line with the vision and mission of GEKRAFS (Riau Islands National Creative Movement)," said the General Chairman, Stephane Gerald Martogi Siburian, Tuesday (16/3/2021).

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