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WEATHER FORECAST - Lingga Area Potentially Rain with Lightning and Strong Winds Tomorrow!

The Lingga Regency area, Riau Islands Province, is predicted to rain tomorrow, Thursday (6/3/2021). Information that received by, for..

Illustration, BATAM - The Lingga Regency area, Riau Islands Province, is predicted to rain tomorrow, Thursday (6/3/2021). 

Information that received by, for the Daik and Singkep Islands regions, in the morning and afternoon, the weather is predicted to rain with moderate to heavy intensity. 

Based on the predictions of the Class III Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Department (BMKG) Dabo Singkep, Lingga Regency, the weather forecast will take effect at 07.00 a.m tomorrow. 

The head of the Dabo BMKG, Sahat Mauli Pasaribu, said the wind was blowing from the east to the southwest with wind speeds of 4 to 22 kilometers (km) per hour. 

Meanwhile, ocean waves are predicted to have a height range of 0.50 to 1.25 meters.

"Surface currents in the Northwest-North are 5-30 centimeters (cm) per second in Lingga waters," said Sahat, Wednesday (6/2/2021). 

Through the BMKG's prediction, Sahat also warned the entire community to be aware of rain with moderate to heavy intensity which could be accompanied by lightning and strong winds in the Bintan, Tanjungpinang and Lingga areas.


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