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Batam-Bintan-Singapore Travel Bubble is in the Trial Stage, Here's What Tourists Need to Know

This scheme allows bordering countries to cooperate in tourism to a designated area.The opening of the travel bubble between Indonesia and Singapore h
Illustration - Barelang Bridge on Batam Island, Riau Islands, BATAM - The Indonesian government officially opened a trial of the Batam-Bintan-Singapore travel bubble scheme on Monday (1/24/2022). 

To note, the travel bubble is a scheme where two or more countries can control the spread of Covid-19 and agree to open tourism gates. 

This scheme allows bordering countries to cooperate in tourism to a designated area. 

The opening of the travel bubble between Indonesia and Singapore has gone through a long preparation. The government first prepares the infrastructure and mechanism for implementing safe health protocols (prokes) for tourism. 

This travel bubble policy was implemented to stimulate tourism and the creative economy in Indonesia, especially in the Riau Islands (Kepri). 

Regional considerations also refer to the status of Batam and Bintan which are already at level 1 of the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).  

Terms of travel bubble traveler

The mechanism for the Batam-Bintan-Singapore travel bubble is explained in the Covid-19 Handling Task Force Circular Letter.

The following are some of the conditions that apply to foreign tourists:

1. Complete vaccines by showing vaccine certificates at least 14 days before departure which has been translated into English.

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