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Merangin Geopark in Jambi Prepared to Become a UNESCO Global Geopark

Merangin Geopark is located in Merangin Regency, precisely in Air Batu Village and Dusun Baru, Pemberap District. To go to Air Batu Village, it takes
Air Batu Village in the Merangin Geopark area, Jambi Province, JAMBI - The Merangin Geopark in Merangin Regency, Jambi Province is prepared to become a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Quoted from, the assessment team from UNESCO is rumored to come in the near future to provide an assessment.

The assessment will determine whether the Merangin Geopark can become part of the UNESCO Global Geopark.

It is estimated that the assessment team will be in Merangin Regency for three days.

The presence of a team of linguists and people who know the destination very well are expected to be able to provide accurate information about the natural wealth of the Merangin Geopark.

If the Merangin Geopark is passed as part of the UNESCO Global Geopark, the local government will prepare supporting facilities.

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This includes the plan to move the regent's official residence to another location. The official residence is planned to be a five-star hotel.

Merangin Geopark is located in Merangin Regency, precisely in Air Batu Village and Dusun Baru, Pemberap District. 

To go to Air Batu Village, it takes about seven hours by vehicle. Meanwhile, to arrive at the geopark location, we need about three hours by foot or along the river by rafting. 

Quoted from the Merangin Geopark site, there visitors can find rock characteristics more than 200 million years ago, especially regarding the discovery of Jambi flora fossils since 1926. 

Visitors can also find a stretch of karst with varied landscapes, both exokarst and endokarst have traces of ancient relics. 

Meanwhile, Merangin Regency has actually proposed a Merangin Geopark for a long time to be part of the UNESCO Global Geopark

However, at that time, a geopark expert from UNESCO, Prof. Guy Martini, considered that the Merangin Geopark still didn't meet the standards set by UNESCO. For example, there is no clear regional boundary. 


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