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The Origin of The Citayam Fashion Week, Start from Hanging Out become a Fashion Showcase

The origin of Citayam Fashion Week is interesting to be discuss. As is known, Citayam Fashion Week is being widely discussed by the public. Teenagers

The Citayam Fashion Week phenomenon in the Dukuh Atas area suddenly went viral because of the quirky fashion style dominated by young people from Depok, Citayam, and Bojonggede., JAKARTA - The origin of Citayam Fashion Week is interesting to be discuss. 

As is known, Citayam Fashion Week is being widely discussed by the public. 

Teenagers from Citayam, Bojonggede, Depok, and surrounding areas, hang out at BNI Jakarta's Dukuh Atas Station.

They usually gather around the sidewalks, tunnels, around the station and take pictures with 'quirky' clothes. 

So, how did the Citayam Fashion Week start? 

The Origin of Citayam Fashion Week

Starting from activities that were just hanging out and relaxing, they turned into a means of showing off a unique outfit.

Like a fashion show, recently the teenagers held a fashion show by doing a catwalk on the zebra cross as their fashion runway.

They flocked to SCBD just to compete with the outfit styles.

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Starting from the appearance of wearing crop tees, hoodies, plaid pants, flannel shirts, knitted cardigans, harajuku, formal clothes, to Muslim clothes.

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