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3 Indonesian Archaeological Tourism Destinations, Learning Prehistoric Heritage in Fun Ways

Archeology is an interesting field to study. Archeology is the study of historical heritage sites. To learn it, we don't even need to come to school.
Mount Padang, Cianjur, is one of the prehistoric tourist attractions in West Java. 

However, the mystery of Mount Padang, which looks like a pyramid, is still not completely revealed. 

2. Zoological Museum, Bogor, West Java

The Zoological Museum in Bogor, West Java, is quite famous in Indonesia. 

This museum has more than 15,000 species of insects, 30,000 species/specimens of mammals, 30,000 more species/specimens of birds, 20,000 species/specimens of reptiles and amphibians.

In addition, the Zoological Museum also has thousands of replicas of ancient animals that live in Indonesia. 

Seeing the fossils of ancient animals such as dinosaurs while walking around this museum can be an exciting and unforgettable experience. 

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3. Stone Garden National Geopark, Bandung, West Java

A visit to Stone Garden National Geopark in Bandung, West Java, will also make your archaeological tour even more exciting. 

From this location, you can enjoy views of the Karst Rocks that are more than decades old.

The shape and formation of this Karst Stone is still arranged like in the past. 

Not far from there, you can stop by Goa Pawon, which is a cave relic of the ancestors of the Sundanese, where there are human bones inside. 

At Stone Garden National Geopark you can also see imitations of the Pro-Neolithic era, where at that time stone bracelets, drawstrings, sharpening stones, and other prehistoric items were found.





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