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5 Waterfall Tours Near Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Perfect Spots for Adventurers

Exploring the Lake Toba area, North Sumatra with its beautiful natural panorama can provide its own experience. If you're stopping there, you can also
Situmurun Waterfall, one of the waterfall attractions near Lake Toba., NORTH SUMATRA -  Exploring the Lake Toba area, North Sumatra with its beautiful natural panorama can provide its own experience. 

If you're stopping there, you can also try stopping at several waterfalls near Lake Toba.

Listening to the sound of the waterfall and the beautiful environment around it can provide its own tranquility for tourists. 

For those of you who like adventure, you will also feel the excitement when traveling to the location of the waterfall. 

Waterfall near Lake Toba

Here are some waterfalls near Lake Toba that you can explore: 

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1. Efrata Falls

This is one of the waterfalls near Lake Toba.

The location of Efrata Waterfall is in Solok Dolok, Harian, Samosir Regency.

If you want to visit this 20 meter high waterfall, you need to cover a distance of about 100 meters from the parking location.

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