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8 Don'ts for Tourists When Traveling in Bali That Must be Understood

Lately, a number of tourists are known to make trouble when traveling to Bali. The bad attitudes and behavior of foreign tourists.
Illustration of foreign tourists in Bali., BALI - Lately, a number of tourists are known to make trouble when traveling to Bali

The bad attitudes and behavior of foreign tourists have been in the spotlight of many parties and have been criticized. 

Bali is indeed one of the favorite destinations for foreign tourists. However, when in Bali, tourists must obey the customary rules that apply on the Island of the Gods. 

Because, some places are sacred areas such as temples. In addition, there is Nyepi Day which must be respected by tourists. 

Be polite and courteous when you are in Bali, because the local people really care about customs and culture. 

Moreover, Balinese people are known to be friendly and maintain the prevailing norms.

As a traveler, you also have to behave the same way out of respect for others.

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The following are the prohibitions for tourists while in Bali, as summarized from various sources.

  • Leaving the House During Nyepi

Religious holidays in Bali such as Nyepi are certainly worthy of respect by tourists.

When that day comes, tourists are also not allowed to roam or leave their homes, as local people do.

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