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First Time Performed Port Security Simulation, This Is The Target of BP Batam

To get the ISPS Code, BP Batam held simulation in Batu Ampar Harbor, Tuesday (08/27/2019) morning. ISPS Code is a regulation that arrange for safety.

BP Batam held a simulation of International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code at Batu Ampar Harbor, Tuesday (27/8) - The simulation and exercise at Batu Ampar Harbor, Tuesday (08/27/2019) morning, is a requirement that must be carried out to get the ISPS Code.

This was conveyed by the General Manager of Administration and Public of the Batam Port Management Agency, Ferdiana Sumiartony.

She said, the ISPS Code is a regulation that arrange for safety of ships and port facilities that are part of the 1974 Convention's International Maritime Organization and Life Safety at Sea (SOLAS).

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"This training is the first time that BP Batam has begun and the start of a joint simulation in October," said Ferdiana, in a BP Batam Public Relations pers release, received by the TribunBatam.

Later than that, the training will also involve external parties such as the police, the Navy, the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency, and others. Ferdiana continued, this simulation activity requires around 58 people.

Consists of the elements from Batam Port Management Agency, BP Batam Security Directorate, BP Batam Fire Hazard Management, and the BP Batam Hospital medical team.

"This simulation activity, will be carried out routinely every day, considers the importance of readiness in the port. Thinking about everything related to the situation, can be immediately addressed properly," he said.

In the same place, Head of Batam Badawi Port Police Area expressed his appreciation for the translation of ISPS Code by the Batam Port Management Agency.

"This is a form of our synergy between agencies and this collaboration can be implemented at an unexpected time. For that reason, we are ready whenever needed," said Badawi. (* / / dewi haryati)

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