Puri Khayangan, The Most Integrated Apartment In Batam

PT Kinarya Engineering developed Puri Khayangan apartments with tagline Elegant Apartment, Attractive Prices. Located in Belian Village, Batam City.

Puri Khayangan, The Most Integrated Apartment In Batam
Puri Khayangan Apartment, Subsidized Housing that Becomes the First Largest Pilot Project in Sumatra Funded by Bank BTN - Most property businesses in Batam, especially in the apartment sector, remain optimistic in developing and build up their projects in Batam.

This faith indicator is based on Batam City's business and investment opportunities which are more attractive than neighboring countries, due to the availability of land for build vertical housing.

PT Kinarya Engineering developed Puri Khayangan apartments with the tagline Elegant Apartment, Attractive Prices.

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The first subsidized apartment in Batam stands with 21 floors.

The apartment is located in Belian Village, Batam City, It offers 498 units, consisting of 3 types, namely 28, 36 and 48 types.

"Currently the construction of Puri Khayangan apartments has reached 52 percent, and the handover of these apartment units is scheduled for December 2019," said Puri Khayangan Technical Director, Ronny Adhi Noegroho.

After groundbreaking in September 2017, the work continues to be carried out starting from drilling, installation of foundation castings, to Topping Off which is scheduled at the end of September 2019.

Puri Khayangan Apartment offers some advantages that not possessed by other projects, including having facilities in the form of educational institutions for children.

"We are committed to helping the government in developing education by establishing an early childhood education institution (PAUD) located on the 1st floor of an apartment," continued Ronny.

The subsidized apartment which became the first Pilot Project funded by Bank BTN was designed by having a common area (public gathering area) in every 3 floors of the building that can be utilized by residents to conduct activities with fellow residents of Puri Khayangan apartment.

This Puri Khayangan apartment has exclusive units located on the 19th, 20th and 21st floors which are fully furnished.

"So the residents only need to bring supporting equipment, because the apartment units on the floor are already complete with various kinds of facilities," he said.

Ronny also explained that currently the sales level of Puri Khayangan Apartments unit from the 4th floor to the 15th floor has been sold as much as 75%, which means that public interest is very high towards the construction of Puri Khayangan Apartments. (*)

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