Kapolresta Barelang Visits Sagulung, Heard Complaints and Collected Citizens Aspirations

Kapolresta Barelang, AKBP Prasetyo Rakhmat Purboyo attended Basembang Bercerite Kamtibnas. Carried out by Sagulung Police Sector or Polsek Sagulung.

Kapolresta Barelang Visits Sagulung, Heard Complaints and Collected Citizens Aspirations
Activities of Basembang Bercerite Kamtibnas at Sagulung Batam -  Barelang Police Chief called Kapolresta Barelang, AKBP Prasetyo Rakhmat Purboyo attended Basembang Bercerite Kamtibnas with Upika, Citizens Leaders, Community Leaders and citizens of Sagulung, Saturday (31/08/2019) at Graha Sabina Sei Langkai Sagulung Complex.

The activity carried out by Sagulung Police Sector or Polsek Sagulung , as an attempt by Indonesian National Police called Polri to establish a friendly relationship between Sagulung citizens, and new Kapolresta Barelang.

The event was welcomed by Sagulung citizens.

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Specifically the figures who attended, with these activities what happened in the midst of the citizens could be conveyed directly to Kapolresta Barelang.

"We are very grateful, and very proud of leaders who directly facing their citizens," said Muhammad Zainal, a public figure of Sagulung citizens.

He said, this activity was expected by the community, so their could directly tell any complaints, specifically in the field of law problem.

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"We do have a police chief called Kapolsek who is always there with citizens. But we also want to get know well with their leaders," Zainal said.

Elias, another figure also admitted that he was very happy to be able meets face to face and talk directly with police leaders in Batam.

"For Batam, Kapolres is the highest police leader. We are very happy, be able to meet and discuss," Elias said.

He said until now, Kapolsek Sagulung had done his duty to assess citizens in Sagulung.

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