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Enjoy the Breeze, Germany Tourist Chooses Riding Tossa to Travel Jemaja Island

Tossa, three wheeled vehicle used to transport goods may already be commonly seen at Jemaja Island in Anambas. What happens if foreign tourists use it

German foreign tourists use free internet access in Jemaja, Anambas Islands Regency, Riau Islands Province. They chose to use Tossa to move from one inn to another. - For citizens of Anambas, Riau Islands Province, Tossa, three-wheeled vehicles used to transport goods may already be commonly seen.

Vehicles commonly used by porters can be found passing at Port of Tarempa, Siantan District.

Or in stores owned by citizens who open businesses. But what happens if foreign tourists are attracted by this three-wheeled vehicle.

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Yes, tourists from Germany, Piter is so interested in vehicles commonly used by citizens.

Together with his colleague, he also chose to use Tossa to get around Jemaja Island.

This Piter choice too, invites people's reactions. Many of them smiled at the act of this 35-year-old man. But, he did not care.

"Yes, they see Tossa is unique. They really liked it when sitting in the back, and enjoying the breeze," said Anambas tour guide on Jemaja Island, Gusdi Munandar via Whats App connection on Wednesday (04/09/2019).

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Besides being unique, this three-wheeled vehicle was chosen by the backpacker tourist to make it easier, so they could take pictures.

Gusdi said that previously they used motorbikes to facilitate access while in Jemaja.

Tossa is also drives them to get free wifi services that are available at some points there.

The aim is for promote Anambas tourism to their friends.

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The internet program from Ministry of Communication and Information program has indeed entered into some government buildings there.

"They were more or less 6 days in Jemaja," he said. The interest of tourists, especially foreigners to come to Anambas, according to him is quite high. Unfortunately, some basic things must be addressed together. Starting from cleaning, to basic needs such as clean water including adequate internet access around the tourist spots.

"Those who came were very concerned about plastic waste. Maybe this should be a common concern. It is unfortunate with such a beautiful nature, but not utilized properly," he said again. (

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