Deputy Governor of Central Sulawesi Brings IT Staff, Learn Non-Cash Transactions in Batam

Muhammad Rudi received work visit from Sulteng Government. Purpose of this work visit is context for Development of Insights into Non-Cash Transaction

Deputy Governor of Central Sulawesi Brings IT Staff, Learn Non-Cash Transactions in Batam
Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi received work visit from Central Sulawesi Provincial Government (Sulteng) led by Deputy Governor, Rusli Baco Daeng Pallabi, Wednesday (4/9) in Engku Hamidah hall at Mayor's Office. - Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi received work visit from Central Sulawesi Provincial Government (Sulteng) led by Deputy Governor, Rusli Baco Daeng Pallabi, Wednesday (4/9/2019) in Engku Hamidah hall at Mayor's Office.

The purpose of this work visit is a context for Development of Insights into Non-Cash Transactions.

Delegation from Sulteng Provincial Government consisted of staff and operators (IT) who handled financial management of each Regional Apparatus Organization or Organisasi Perangkat Daerah (OPD).

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Deputy Governor of Sulteng, Rusli Baco Daeng Pallabi, said that Sulteng Provincial Government had already carried out non-cash transactions.

According to him, the implementation of non-cash transactions in institutions he leads is still gradual and imperfect.

"We want to advance in line with other provinces at the east. Through this visit, of course we hope there will be a change, especially in application of non-cash transactions to be implemented at our place," he said.

Rusli also appreciated the management of budget through non-cash transactions in Batam Government, because according to him all of OPDs had used this non-cash transaction.

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"Batam is one of the pilot areas in the implementation of non-cash. For this reason, we have come to study with the aim of more transparency in finances regional management," he said.

The Mayor, Muhammad Rudi, said that non-cash transactions at Batam City Government had perfectly begun since January 1, 2018.

Non-cash transactions were used for income and expenditure throughout Batam City Government OPD. Including in hinterland region, non-cash transactions have been applied.

"Pemko Batam is proud and grateful for the work visit conducted by Governor and his entourage. We have become an example by the KPK, including one-stop integrated services, we are also a model for the Ministry of Home Affairs, "said Rudi.

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Rudi explained that in planning the non-cash system budget, it was also applied starting from implementation of development planning meetings (Musrenbang) at the village level. Anything that becomes a proposed activity in Musrenbang will be inputted through the system.

"So everyone has used an electronic system. If it does not enter the system, it will not be accommodated to what is proposed. This system saves us all, because everything is online, "said Rudi accompanied by Batam Secretary, Jefridin.

On that occasion, Rudi also conveyed the infrastructure development carried out by Batam Government. Road construction according to him, is using international standard and in accordance with foreign tourists needs .

"We are developing the tourism sector, attracting people to visit Batam. One of them is to increase PAD, "he said. (* / / sihat manalu)

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