Special Parking Charges Immediately Rise, Kadishub Batam: Not Increase but Adjustment Cost!

Dishub will increase the special parking charges in Batam City. Kadishub Batam Rustam Efendi claimed an adjustment to parking cost in Batam City.

Special Parking Charges Immediately Rise, Kadishub Batam: Not Increase but Adjustment Cost!
Illustration of parking in Batam City - Batam Department of Transportation called Dinas Perhubungan (Dishub) will increase the special parking charges in Batam City.

Special parking is managed by a business entity, measured by type of vehicle and time of use.

Responding the Increase of parking charges, Head of the Transportation Institution or Kadishub Batam Rustam Efendi, when contacted by TribunBatam, claimed not to be an increase in parking charges but an adjustment to parking cost.

"There is no increase in parking charges, it's only adjustments," Rustam said via phone line, Tuesday (03/09/2019).

Basic of special parking charges adjustment is a request from parking entrepreneurs in Batam City.

Asked about the technicalities and details of Kadishub's charges increase, he said he did not understand this.

"If want to know more infromation can ask Technical Management Unit (UPT)" said Kadishub of Batam.

Issue of parking charges increment that spread for motor vehicles was only IDR 1,000, it was proposed to be IDR 2,000.

While four wheeled vehicles from IDR 2,000 to IDR 4,000. (

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