Nuzulya Audira - Bring Messages by Dancing

Nuzulya Audira turned to have a quite interesting hobby, dancing. The dance that oft performed is Sekapur Sirih Malay dance. Here are her Profile.

Nuzulya Audira - Bring Messages by Dancing
Nuzulya Audira - On the sidelines as a student in Vocational High School (SMKN) 4 Batam, Nuzulya Audira turned out to have a quite interesting hobby, namely dancing.

Dancing was a routine activity that carried outside as a student's status. Often, she frequently fills some events in one place to another.

The dance that oft performed is the Sekapur Sirih Malay dance, better known as the Persembahan dance.

Especially for the government events in Batam, the Sekapur Sirih dance is the beginning of the opening of an event.

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"For me, Dancing is so fun," Dira told to Tribun after the opening of the tourism event on Wednesday (04/09/2019).

In her opinion, dance was an expression of beauty that outlined in the media of motion.

Besides containing in beauty, the movements in dance also containsn of meaning which is later on into messages. 

In fact, her parents supported her hobby, in this case, Dancing. But it doesn't leave its function as a student.

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"The aesthetic values in dance was always found in archipelago dances, one of them, we can see at the performance of Persembahan dance," she said.

Dira said that, the movements of Persembahan dance was very simple, just relying on the movements of the hands and feet.

The movement of looking down while pressing the palms together is a phase of respect to the guests who come. ( uly sianturi)

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