Batam Mayor Will Change SOT Based on Permendagri, Public Relations Include Information Department

Rudi will overhaul the organizational structure of work procedures, SOTK in Batam. In the future, Public Relations department will be under Kominfo.

Batam Mayor Will Change SOT Based on Permendagri, Public Relations Include Information Department
Walikota Batam Rudi - Mayor of Batam, Rudi will overhaul the organizational structure of work procedures called struktur organisasi tata kerja (SOTK) within Batam City Government.

This follows the issuance from Regulation of  Minister of Home Affairs or Peraturan Menteri Dalam Negeri (Permendagri) Number 56 of 2019 concerning Guidelines for Nomenclature and Provincial and Regency / City Regional Secretariat Work Units.

"We will immediately overhaul. Create a new SOTK, after that it will be inaugurated," said Rudi, after attending a plenary meeting at Batam City DPRD Office, on Jl Engku Putri, Batam Center, Batam, Riau Islands, Thursday (09/09/2019).

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Rudi assured, there will be a shift in a number of work units. One of them is in public relations department.

Previously, Public Relations unit was under the secretariat. In the future, it will be under Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo).

"Kominfo added a new branch, public relations," he said.

Head of Communication and Information Department, still hold by echelon II officials. While the position of Public Relations, his position is echelon III B. At present his party is still discussing related to the Permendagri.

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For information, in this Permendagri, the Bureau of Government Assistant and People's Welfare called Biro Asisten Pemerintahan dan Kesejahteraan Rakyat at the type A provincial secretariat consists of Government and Regional Autonomy Bureau, People's Welfare Bureau, and Legal Bureau.

Then the Assistant for Economy and Development, Type A provincial secretariat, consisting of Bureau of Economy, Bureau of Procurement in Goods and Services, and Bureau of Development Administration.

Furthermore, Bureau of General Administration Assistant for the provincial secretariat of type A consists Organization Bureau, General Bureau, and Administration Administration Leaders. ( haryati)

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