Difficulty of SIM Practice Exams, Only 5 Persons Passed Per Day

Batam citizens that come for taking practical test of making a Driving License (SIM) at Polresta Barelang, but only some of them who passed the test.

Difficulty of SIM Practice Exams, Only 5 Persons Passed Per Day
Driver is taking practical test to make Driving License (SIM) in Barelang Police, Friday (6/9/2019) - Although good at driving a vehicle, it does not mean proficient in moving cross.

This was received by Putra (25) Batu Aji residents who took the practical test of making a Driving License called Surat Izin Mengemudi (SIM) at Polresta Barelang Parking lot on Friday (6/6/2019).

He has taken the practical test twice, but none of them passed any kind of type and zig-zag exam at the location for practical examination provided by Barelang Police Traffic Unit called Satlantas Polresta Barelang.

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While officers tested the practice of two-wheeled vehicles, Brigadier Tino said that only some people who had passed the practical test.

"Of those who take the practical exam per day, only 5 to 7 people that made it," he said.

He said within a week there was an increase in practice exams.

"From Monday who follow the exam there were 21 persons, but who passed only 3 persons and Tuesday as many as 32 persons follow the exam, only 6 persons passed" he said.

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While for Wednesday, he said there were 39 persons who follow the exam and were declared to have passed only 5 persons, and on Thursday there were 37 persons who were follo the exam, and only passed 7 persons.

"Differently, this morning, 44 persons who have taken the exam, only passed 3 persons," said Tino.

This increase occurred after Operasi Patuh Seligi 2019.

"Usually it's normal for only 6 to 10 persons to take the practical exam, but now its increasing far from that," he said. ( Lumbantobing)

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