Polresta Barelang Secure Alleged Stone Throwers at Bukit Daeng Batam

Polresta Barelang found alleged stone throwers who attack at Bukit Daeng. The culprit had been secure by police. Here's the details of this tragedy.

Polresta Barelang Secure Alleged Stone Throwers at Bukit Daeng Batam
Kapolresta Barelang AKBP Prasetyo Rachmat Purboyo - A few days ago, there are viral video about stone throwing at Bukit Daeng, Batam, Riau Islands and over Duriangkang bridge was carried by a bloody victim through a stone throw.

It didn't take long, Polresta Barelang finally succeeded secure alleged culprit.

"Based on the information, there is something that we suspect. Yes, it is secured. It's just this suspicion is still being coordinated with Polda Kepri. Because unexpectedly, there are abnormal person, but right now still in process " said Kapolresta Barelang AKBP Prasetyo Rachmat Purboyo to, after participating in the activities at Batu Ampar port, Batam, Riau Islands, Thursday (5/9/2019) morning.

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Kapolresta agreed, it was still waiting for the results of psychiatrist.

This is to make sure of culprit mental, he's truly has mental illness or not.

Prasetyo has not yet want to reveal culprit's identity, but the gender is male.

Previously reported, a netizen claimed, be the victim of stone throwing at Bukit Daeng.

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No one knows who the culprit. Only indicated that stone throwing came from the bush.

That condition, immediately seized attention of Polresta Barelang.

Kasat Sabhara Polelangel Barelang Commissioner Firdaus said, a number of personnel were secured to that location.

They seek the truth of this information.

Finally, they secure an alleged culprit. ( halawa)

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