Papuans in Batam Hold a "Peaceful of Papua" Declaration, This Is Their Hope

Dozens of inhabitant from Papua and West Papua in Batam, Kepri, held a peaceful declaration on Friday night. This is what their talks.

Papuans in Batam Hold a
Youth from Jayapura, who live in Batam, held a peaceful declaration with dozens of Papuans and West Papuans after the riots last week, Friday night (6/9/2019). TRIBUNBATAM. ID / LEO HALAWA, BATAM - Dozens of inhabitant from Papua and West Papua in Batam, Kepri, held a peaceful declaration on Friday night, (6/9/2019).

They support the government's efforts to maintaining the reconciliation also security stability in the two easternmost provinces of Indonesia.

Head of the Papua's People Community Association, Yoseph Ronsumbre, persume that there must be provocateurs who deliberately wanna make Papua and West Papua get riot last week. 

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"Who said Papua and West Papua weren't Indonesias? Me as a Papuans from Biak Numfor Regency declare to refused a provocative in Papua. We want peace. Papua is part of Indonesia. NKRI Harga Mati," he told to Tribun.   

Henu (22 yo) the Jayapura Youth Leader also declare what he wanted, Papua didn't know bout the referendum. He said, the Papuans  who domiciled there should oversee and enjoy the development that being promoted by the government. 

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Henu asked to the government to stay focused on building Papua and West Papua.

We better make a peace. We need Papua. To our parents there, we're in Batam are totally fine. Papua loves peace. So, stop provocative that makes us lose," he said. ( Halawa) 

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