BP Batam Claims Occupancy of Flat Housing Increases This Year

BP Batam said that presentations for flat houses had increased this year, average number of dwellings has increased. Especially in three locations.

BP Batam Claims Occupancy of Flat Housing Increases This Year
Kasubdit Utilization of BP Batam Shelter, Chandra Syamsir Explains the Concept of BP Batam Flat Housing - Batam's Directorate of Asset Utilization Badan Pengusahaan (BP) said that presentations for flat houses (flats) had increased this year. From five mansions managed by BP Batam, average number of dwellings has increased.

"Especially in three locations. Sekupang, Batuampar and Mukakuning," said Kasubdit of Utilization BP Batam Asset Utilities, Chandra Syamsir, recently.

The level of occupancy of these three mansions, has reached above 92 percent. As for the flat in Kabil and Tanjunguncang, it is still below that number.

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Chandra hoped, with the operation of industrial companies that began to rise in Kabil and Tanjunguncang, it could impact on increasing the number of flat houses. It is known, some of companies rent rooms in BP Batam flats for residence of their workers.

"Kabil is still on progress. Hopefully with entry of this company, September or October, the occupancy rate in Kabil and Tanjunguncang can be above 90 percent," he said.

Meanwhile, based on data from last July, the occupancy rate in Mukakuning was recorded at 1,619 people. This figure is higher than the same period in 2018.

The same thing applies in other mansions. Like in Batuampar flat. 894 people lived there last July. There is an increase compared to the same period last year. At that time there were 714 people.

In Sekupang flat, data from residents of the flat in July was recorded as many as 746 people. Higher than same period in 2018, 345 people.

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Kabil flat, as many as 394 people live there. Increased compared to the same period last year as many as 350 people. Meanwhile, Tanjunguncang flats, began operating in March 2019. Only four people at that time, but on last July, 35 people had lived there.

In total, BP Batam has 25 twin buildings of five mansions under its management. As for the number of rooms reach 1,833 rooms with maximum occupancy capacity of 6,684 people.

One room can be filled with two till four people, depending on room capacity. Each flat has bathroom facilities inside, kitchen sink, wardrobe, bunk beds, mattresses and more.

Supported by supporting infrastructure facilities such as PT ATB clean water, religious facilities, parking facilities, 24-hour security. Prices offered today, starting at IDR 127,000 per person, per month. (

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