Sahid Hotel Batam Presents Young Dragon, A Fresh Drink Who Made of Dragon Fruit

Sahid Hotel Batam presents a new beverage menu that characterizes Batam City use Dragon Fruit called Young Dragon, also a dish called Sate Grombyang.

Sahid Hotel Batam Presents Young Dragon, A Fresh Drink Who Made of Dragon Fruit Hastin Pinakesti
Chef when showing Young Dragon and Sate Grombyang - Entering September, Sahid Hotel Batam presents a new beverage menu that characterizes Batam City.

Young Dragon, a fresh drink with the main ingredients of Batam original dragon fruit attracts eyes with its purple color, also decoration of blue and white color complete with pieces of dragon fruit.

The blue color as young dragon sweetener is produced from the giving of Blue Curacao syrup on it.

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"This menu is presented, indeed to fill the month of September, and this menu will only be exposed on our menu for 2 months," said Barista Sahid Resto, Rispandi, Friday (06/09/2019).

Not only does it look attractive, Young Dragon is also rich in health benefits.

Not like dragon fruit juice in general. Although the main ingredient is dragon fruit, this drink is also created with a mixture of mango, lychee, lemon and milk cream.

So that the sour and sweet taste will be immediately felt in one shot at a time to taste this drink.

Making a young dragon is very healthy and suitable enjoyed by children.

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To enjoy this drink, visitors only need to spend IDR 25,000 for one glass of Young Dragon.

"This menu has passed several trials from all directors before serving it to the public. We hope that visitors who come here can enjoy this menu as we do," said Marketing Communications Executive Sahid Batam Center Hotels and Convention, Said.

Not only that, Sahid Hotel also serves a menu of Sate Grombyang which is served specifically for visitors at a price IDR 34,000 per serving. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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