Love Thru a Cup of Coffee, A Dozens of Moms Come to Excelso Cafe Batam

Sharing sessions with certified barista trainers held by Tribunbatam at Excelso cafe, Tiban, Batam, Saturday (07/09/2019).Here's their stories.

Love Thru a Cup of Coffee, A Dozens of Moms Come to Excelso Cafe Batam Lumbantobing
Dozens of moms attended a session with a certified barista trainer, held by Tribunbatam at the Excelso cafe in Tiban, Batam, Saturday (07/09/2019)., BATAM - Thru a cup of coffee, creates a harmonious family. Dozens of mothers attended the Sharing sessions with certified barista trainers that held by Tribunbatam at Excelso cafe, Tiban, Batam, Saturday (07/09/2019).

The participants which consisting of Persatuan Ibu Tentara (Persit) Battalion Raider 136 / Tuah Sakti, the Perhimpunan Perempuan Lintas Profesi Indonesia (PPLIPI) and the Rumah Sakit Otorita Batam (RSOB) watched the way of making coffee that guided by the Asesor Barista Indonesia, Laras Anisa.

Some baristas who are fostered by Laras in Batam Tourism also teached the moms. Starts from the beginning of the coffee serving, 'til it is ready to be sipped.

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In that event, Kepri distributor, Adinda Putri Sitorus introduced the Tupperware products as an effort to reduce waste in Indonesia.

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"Tupperware is one of the equipment that decorates most of the households in Indonesia. Where this product is used by all of many groups," she said.

The advantages of Tupperware is lies on the basic ingredients that being used, like using the first plastic seeds instead of recycled plastic seeds.

Tupperware also has a fantastic warranty, which is a lifetime guarantee, when the product accidentally breaks, so the product can be replaced by bringin' it to: Puri Casablanca office, Block E No. 10 and there can be replaced with a same product. (ber)

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