Become Home Base 757 Kepri Jaya FC, This Is The Privileges of Gelora Citramas Batam Stadium

Batam's Gelora Citramas Stadium has become home base for 757 Kepri Jaya FC. Here are the privileges choosing Citramas Batam Stadium as home base.

Become Home Base 757 Kepri Jaya FC, This Is The Privileges of Gelora Citramas Batam Stadium
Ad Interim Governor of Riau Islands (Kepri) Isdianto kicked the ball when opening League 3 Kepri 2019 at Citra Mas Stadium Batam, Sunday (8/25/2019) - Since the launch of 3rd League competition at Riau Islands (Kepri) Province a few days ago, Batam's Gelora Citramas Stadium has become a united attraction for Batam City football lovers.

Touted as the second best stadium in holding of League 2 years ago, this stadium located in Kabil region, Nongsa, Batam City, also has a variety of privileges.

Like some explanation from stadium manager, Raja Azrim, Monday (9/9/2019).

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"Our stadium has capacity of around 1500 people. At first we build stands around the entrance, stadium can only accessed by around 800 spectators," he said when met at Citramas Batam Foundation office.

He admit, stadium capacity finally added after the pride of Kepri citizens, 757 Kepri Jaya FC, choosing this stadium as a home base.

"Once chosen, in the front area of stands added capacity to accommodate up to 1000 people. Also on the left and right side, so it can accommodate 100 spectators," he continued.

Azrim revealed, stadium itself has been approved by PSSI as one of the best stadiums in Batam City, and has full confidence in organizing competitions such as League 3 of Kepri Province.

"It's already get recommendation from them (PSSI). And last year when 757 Kepri joined League 2, the stadium was chosen as home base. So we are prepared this stadium," he added.

Beside this advantages, the stadium is equipped with jogging track along 400 square meters.

For the maintenance of stadium itself according to Azrim, Batam Citramas Foundation must spend up to IDR 30 million.

"That is for grass maintenance only. For jogging track, the price is IDR 4 billion. So indeed we fully support football in Batam, it is prepared optimally," he said again.

Also from him, 757 Kepri Jaya FC team was reelected in Sumatra Region League 3 competition.

"They believed us again," he concluded. (

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