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26 Teenagers Become S3ks Slave in Karimun, Here Are The Statement From DPRD Karimun Member

Karimun Regency DPRD member Nyimas Novi Ujiani raised his voice regarding PSK in Villa No 58 A Housing Complex. Also regretted the existence of PSK.

Karimun Regency DPRD member, Nyimas Novi Ujiani - Karimun Regency DPRD member Nyimas Novi Ujiani raised his voice regarding the raid on a house at Vila Karimun area related to human trafficking with 26 female victims.

People's representatives from Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa (PKB) asked, the brain of all this online underage prostitution to be followed up.

"There must be something to look for till finish. Who are they? I hope this should be followed up," she said, Sunday (09/08/2019) night.

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Nyimas also regretted the existence of prostitution in Karimun, involving children.

She praised shock and sad because this kind failure.

"So far, we know how we encourage women, who are active in development, who are very passionate. So we hope there will be no more news like this in Karimun," he said.

Nyimas who was re-appointed as legislator in the 2019-2024 period, also appreciated the police who had revealed it.

"To Regional Government and related stakeholders who joint to against," he appealed.

Reported earlier, PPA Riau Islands Police Unit or PPA Polda Kepri secured 26 Commercial Sex Workers (PSK) in Villa No 58 A Housing Complex, Kavling Village, Tebing District, Karimun Regency, Friday (6/9/2019).

Beside that, the police also secured one person who allegedly a pimp with initials AW, he often offered women to striped men who came. ( putra)

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