Gojek and Digitaraya Launch Gojek Xcelerate, Printing Red White Unicorns through Southeast Asia

Gojek cooperated with Digitaraya to officially introduce Gojek Xcelerate. Gojek Xcelerate is an accelerator program to develop red white startups.

Gojek and Digitaraya Launch Gojek Xcelerate, Printing Red White Unicorns through Southeast Asia
Launched - President of Gojek Group - Andre Soelistyo, Investor Digitaraya - Gibran Rakabuming, Chief Corporate Affairs Gojek - Nila Marita, Managing Director of Digitaraya - Nicole Yap, Head of Developer Relations & Startup Ecosystems for Asia, Africa and the Middle East Google - Sebastian Trzcinski -Clément on the launch of Xcelerate Gojek program last Tuesday (10/9) in Jakarta. - Success in being the leader super-app in Southeast Asia, Gojek cooperated with Digitaraya to officially introduce Gojek Xcelerate on Tuesday (9/10).

Gojek Xcelerate is an accelerator program that aims to develop red white startups so it can grow rapidly and create wider positive social impacts.

Gojek Xcelerate will provide a series of intensive acceleration programs for 6 months to 20 startups in this country who are considered to have most positive impact and successfully passed rigorous selection process.

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The preparation of Gojek Xcelerate's startup acceleration curriculum involves extensive collaboration with various tech companies and global organizations such as Google Developers Launchpad, McKinsey & Company, and UBS, which have become Digitaraya's partners in the past 1 year.

Gojek Xcelerate's curriculum covers variety of comprehensive methods to drive startup business growth, such as growth hacking, use of machine learning, development of appropriate business models for startups, also to assess company valuations.

Not only that, participants can also consult face to face with world-class mentors who are experienced in developing the global scale technology industry.

To get chance to meet directly with mentors on Gojek Xcelerate, startup founders can register at, which was opened on 10 September 2019.

Gojek Group President Andre Soelistyo said, through the process of sharing best practices in Xcelerate Gojek, there will be many real solutions innovations created for various challenges faced by citizens.

"We hope that Gojek Xcelerate program can encourage more red white startups, and even look for next Indonesian unicorn seedlings, so Indonesia becomes a digital power house in Asia," Andre said in press release compiled by Tribun, Wednesday (9/11).

He continued, Digitaraya is strategic partner in accelerating startups. They have deep experience accompanying startups and have graduated more than 50 startups from 12 countries in Asia Pacific.

Digitaraya's Managing Director Nicole Yap said as long as Digitaraya helped accelerate the startup business, there were a lot of interesting and solutive ideas from nation's pride.

"We believe that Gojek Xcelerate can give birth to new unicorn startups and even new decacorns from Indonesia," Nicole said.

Later, selected startups whose products and services are able to answer daily problems of Gojek consumers will get opportunity to join Gojek platform which has a base of millions users and partners in Southeast Asia. (*)

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