Hundreds Million of Taxes in Batam Donated From Punggur Harbour, Here's Value of PNPB Per Month

Telaga Punggur Harbour successfully collecting hundreds of millions rupiahs from PNBP for each month and only has 1 hectare parking area for vehicles

Hundreds Million of Taxes in Batam Donated From Punggur Harbour, Here's Value of PNPB Per Month
Punggur Harbour Conditions - Despite successfully collecting hundreds of millions rupiahs from Non-Tax Revenue called Penerimaan Bukan Pajak (PNBP) each month, Punggur Harbour, located in Kabil Village, Nongsa District, Batam City, still causes confusion for a number of motorists.

The harbour that connects Batam City with Tanjungpinang City, Tanjung Uban Bintan Regency, Lingga Regency and Anambas Regency has not been able to overcome the parking problem.

Although the magnificent building conditions are equipped with elevator and escalator facilities up to 3 floors, problem of this harbour parking capacity is not able to accommodate vehicles due to limited area.

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The coordinator of administration and operational control Telaga Punggur's domestic terminal, Sohirnadi, revealed that from Telaga Punggur Harbour it was able to collect hundreds of millions rupiah each month.

"The number of users at our harbour services on normal day can reach 300 to 400 people, while for parking can reach 400 two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheeled vehicles," he said, Thursday (12/09/2019).

Of that amount, we only received an import duty pass, estimated at IDR 150 million PNBP to BP Batam, he said.

He said to overcome the problem of parking which until now had been a concern for motorists he was still waiting for direction from Batu Ampar management .

He said "At present, Punggur lake port has only 1 hectare parking area, and that area is only capable of accommodating 250 units of four-wheeled and 200 two-wheeled vehicles," he said.

So for that, he appealed to motorists be able make the best possible use of parking. ( Lumbantobing)

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