Batam Got 50 Thousand Blanks For Child Identity Card

Batam City received allocation of 50 thousand pieces blank for Child Identity Card called Kartu Identitas Anak (KIA). They begun distributing blanks.

Batam Got 50 Thousand Blanks For Child Identity Card
Mayor of Batam, Rudi, symbolically handed over Child Identity Card (KIA) on August 17. - First year the application of Child Identity Card called Kartu Identitas Anak (KIA), Batam City received allocation of 50 thousand pieces blank.

Head of the Batam City Population and Civil Registration Department (Disdukcapil), Said Khaidar, said his office had begun distributing blanks to sub-districts.

"There are some of sub-districts asking for this. We have sent the pink blank," he said, Saturday (9/14), in the release of Batam City Government Public Relations.

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Printing of KIA, will be carried out in stages. At present Disdukcapil is assisted by subdistrict's office to collect data of children, especially those who are sitting on a kindergarten bench.

He continued, some sub-districts had finished registering students of two kindergartens in their respective working areas. For schools that have been recorded, KIA will soon be printed for their children.

"Overall we are recapitulating the data. But sub-districts that are ready, can submit blank forms and issue KIA services," he said

Next year, their plan to publish KIA in Batam will be expanded for elementary school children, under 17 years of age. The hope, all children can pocket KIA.

Sekupang Sub-District Chief Muhammad Arman said there were two Kindergartens that had been asked for data on their students. Later the data will be used to propose KIA blanks for Disdukcapil.

"Yesterday was over and we have also submitted a request. If it has gone down we will print directly based on available data," he said. (* / wie)

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