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The Access of Clean Water Was Limited, Anambas Residents Are Take A Bath In The Public Toilet

The residents of Anambas Islands Regency began to complain about the difficulty of getting clean water. Residents are take a bath in public toilet.

Residents who live in the hamlet of Tarempa Pesisir Timur must take a bath in the toilets that have been provided., BATAM - The residents of Anambas Islands Regency began to complain about the difficulty of getting clean water, especially residents who live in the hill area who do not have an access of clean water to their house. 

As a result, several residents that living in a hamlet of Tarempa Pesisir Timur had to bathe in the baths that had been provided. 

This bathing place is located in Mabai Bay (Teluk Mabai), the hamlet and its location juts into the forest. 

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One of the Hamlet residents claimed that for several weeks they always bathed in this bath, because the water was increasingly difficult to obtain. 

In addition, residents not only bathed, but also collected the water using the jerry cans for supplies at their home. 

Niar, a resident of Jalan Raden Saleh, collects water at night, while for bathing, she uses the water from well which is slightly oily. 

To cook food and water, Niar will use the water that she collects at night because it comes from the mountain and the water is clean. 

The difficulty of getting access of the clean water has become an obstacle for Niar to selling some foods side dishes. ( Tika) 

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