Visibility Only 500 Meters, Ustadz Abdul Somad Threatened to Cancel Tausiyah in Jemaja

Ustadz Abdul Somad today failed flights to Jemaja due aircraft being unable to fly because of smog. High intensity smoke, causing aircraft fail to fly

Visibility Only 500 Meters, Ustadz Abdul Somad Threatened to Cancel Tausiyah in Jemaja
Ustadz Abdul Somad or UAS - Flights to Batam - Letung, Letung - Batam, are still disrupted from yesterday on Tuesday (09/17/2019) to Wednesday (9/18/2019) afternoon.

High intensity smoke, causing the aircraft fail to fly.

This was confirmed by Head of Tarempa BMKG Meteorological Station, Dudi Juhadinata.

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When confirmed through a cellular connection, Dudi said, visibility only reached 500 meters.

"Right, the smog is now quite high, aircraft at Letung Airport not be able to go down again, same as Airport in Matak," said Dudi Juhadinata.

Head of BMKG Station Dudi Juhadinata informed that the temperature was 27.6 RH 79, wind was blowing from Southeast, with speed of 5 Km / hour.

When asked about estimated rain whether it will fall in near future at Anambas Islands, Dudi could not confirm, which could be confirmed directly at Batam BMKG Station.

Predictably, the arrival of Ustadz Abdul Somad today failed due aircraft being unable to fly.

Not only that, passengers who had headed to Letung, were forced to stay overnight until the plane was certain for fly safely. ( Tika)

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