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Disguised As An Empty Building, This Shophouse In Batam Turns Into a Cyber-Crime Headquarters

Foreign Citizens (Warga Negara Asing) successfully secured by the Jatanras Satreskrim Police Unit Barelang, Wednesday (1809/2019) afternoon.

Shophouse in Grand Orchid Complex where the foreigners do their crime seems to be posted by police line, Wednesday (9/18/2019), afternoon., BATAM -  Dozens of Foreign Citizens (Warga Negara Asing) who were successfully secured by the Jatanras Satreskrim Police Unit Barelang, Wednesday (1809/2019) afternoon, gave rise to a sense of wonder for people who living in the Grand Orchid Ruko Complex, Batam Center. 

This was admitted by a security officer at Ruko Grand Orchid Batam Center, Nuril Sabda to, Wednesday (9/18/2019), evening. 

He claimed to be surprised when he found out that in that ruko (shop) there were a cyber crime activities involving a dozens of foreigners

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"I've become a security for many years and commute the patrols in the morning, afternoon and evening, but there has never been any activity at that ruko," he said. 

Nuril was shocked when Wednesday (09/18/2019) afternoon around 16:00 WIB the police rushed to the ruko (shop) and then called us the security officers to ask some questions related to their activities. 

Nuril said, when the police raided the ruko and secured dozens of foreigners, inside the ruko there was apparently equipped with quite complete facilities. 

The Perpetrators Enter Through Jakarta

Previously reported, as many as 47 Foreign Citizens (WNA) secured by the Barelang Police Criminal Investigation related to fraud cases that have been in Indonesia for the past four months. 

Barelang police chief, AKBP Prasetyo Rachmat Purboyo said, these perpetrators entered Indonesia through Jakarta. 

Then they went to Batam and lived in the several luxurious housing in Batam

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They live in the Grand Orchid Luxury Housing Area and Taman Niaga Sukajadi Complex, Batam Center, Batam

They commit the carding crimes via the internet or cyber-crime via telephone. 

This can be seen from the telephone and laptop servers that they use to commit the fraud. 

According to him, of the 47 perpetrators that been secured, four of whom were women and 43 others were men. 

To examine this case, the Police will also work with Batam City Immigration Department. ( Lumbantobing)

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