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There Will Be a Demo in Batam Today, Thursday (19/9), Don't Pass This Road To Avoid Traffic Jam

Against KPK Law in Indonesia, LSM in Batam hold Action "KPK Dead". It's expected to slightly disrupt flow of traffic on the road and cause traffic jam

(Ilustration) condition of demonstration in front of KPK Merah Putih Building Jakarta, Monday (09/16/2019) - Ratification on Revision of Invitations called Undangan-Undangan (UU) concern Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Number 30 of 2002 conducted by House of Representatives (DPR) of Republic Indonesia (RI), last Tuesday (09/17/2019).

This ratification received protests and rejection from various groups of citizens, including in Batam.

Non-governmental organizations or Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat (LSM) Gerakan Bersama Rakyat (Gebrak) also took action to reject the revision of UU KPK No. 30/2002 by carrying out Theatrical Action "KPK Dead".

Visibility Only 500 Meters, Ustadz Abdul Somad Threatened to Cancel Tausiyah in Jemaja

The action will be held in front of Batam City DPRD Office.

For users or rider of Jalan Engku Putri, and rather to cross the front of Batam City DPRD office, be careful because it is expected to slightly disrupt flow of traffic on the road.

This action is planned to be carried out at 09:00 WIB. (TRIBUNBATAM.ID/ALAMUDIN)

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