TOMORROW! Istisqa Prayer At Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah Mosque In Batam, Asking For The Rain

Rudi announced, tomorrow, Friday (9/20/2019) Istisqa prayer will be held for asking the rain at the Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah Mosque. Save the date!.

Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah Mosque, Batam, BATAM -  The Mayor of Batam, Rudi announced, tomorrow, Friday (9/20/2019) an Istisqa prayer will be held for asking the rain at the Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah Mosque, in Tanjunguncang, Batuaji, Batam, Kepri. 

The istisqa prayer will be held after the first Friday prayer at the mosque. 

Before Friday prayers, Tabligh Akbar will be held in the atmosphere of the celebration of the Islamic New Year or Muharram 1441 Hijri. 

This activity will presented Ustadz Abdul Somad from Indonesia and Datuk Kazim Elias from Malaysia as a Lecturer or called "penceramah". 

"I invite the whole society, after Friday prayers, we pray together to ask for rain," said Rudi. 

He continued, actually the Tabligh Akbar activity was scheduled at 08.00 am / WIB. 

Rudi invited the Muslim community, especially in Batam, to come in groups to the mosque and wear the white clothes. 

He hopes the rain will soon fall to wet the beloved city of Batam. 

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Although from the monitoring of the Batam Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Department (BMKG), in the next three days, Batam will not rain. 

"Yesterday the rained was only in a minutes, ISPU had fallen. Imagine if it rained in 2 hours," said Rudi. 

He informed, from the results of the BMKG, the intensity of rain will often fall in October. Rudi hopes that the rain will return to clear the air quality in Batam

Likewise, it can extinguish the hot spots due to forest and land fires that occur in Pekanbaru, but the smoke haze reaches to the other areas. ( haryati) 

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