Nurdin Basirun Confide: Why Am I Being Harmed By People Like This

The legal authority of Nurdin Basirun, Andi Muhammad Asrun, reveals his current client condition. See what's going on.

Nurdin Basirun Confide: Why Am I Being Harmed By People Like This
Kepri Governor, Nurdin Basirun was detained by the KPK in the case of bribery for reclamation permits, Thursday (11/07/2019), BATAM - The legal authority of Nurdin Basirun, Andi Muhammad Asrun reveals his current client condition.

Although he was in a prisoner cell of KPK, but the former governor of Kepri is now in a healthy condition.

"His condition is healthy, still doing some activities that I've said in a couple days ago," he said, Friday (09/20/2019).

He told, his clients routinely do the fasting sunnah, prayers, read the Qur'an, read books, and occasionally become an imam.

Nurdin's family also often looked to see his condition.

However, his wife who was sick, was constrained to see the husband.

Asked if there were officials who had visited Nurdin Basirun.

He said, there wasn't yet, because it was still not permitted by the KPK.

"Till now, the visit was still within the scope of the family, and the legal counsel. Even then only at certain times and has become the rule," he said.

Until now, Andi said, Nurdin Basirun hadn't been yet examined as a suspect.

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