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World Clean Up Day! Batam Take An Action 'Clean-Up And Pickin' Up Trash' At 6 Location Points

World Clean Up Day is an annual event where this activity is held simultaneously by 157 countries in the world. Check out the complete news!

The volunteers participating in the World Clean Up Day Batam at one of the locations where the activities were held, namely Welcome To Batam when taking a picture together, Saturday (9/21)., BATAM - There are interesting sights at 6 location points in Batam, Saturday (9/21/2019) morning.

This was relates to the clean-up action in the framework of World Clean Up Day.

"World Clean Up Day is an annual event where this activity is held simultaneously by 157 countries in the world, as well as 34 provinces in Indonesia. For Batam itself, we are holding it in 6 different locations, simultaneously today," said The Leader of World Clean Up Day Batam, Muhammad Zulkarnain Purba, Saturday (9/21)

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Lenzoe alias Muhammad Zulkarnain Purba said that the 6 locations in Batam in the implementation of the clean-up action were spread in Batam City District precisely in the Welcome To Batam area, Galang District on Sembulang Island, Nongsa District on Buntal Island, Sei Beduk District in Piayu Laut, Batu Aji District and Sagulung District.

He said, for the city of Batam itself, the second time had followed a similar activity.

Followed by 102 volunteer groups consisting of communities, private parties, and schools, Lenzoe said that World Clean Up Day activities in Batam were not only conducted at that 6 locations.

 Not only picking up the trash, the World Clean Up Day action in Batam also held an environmental care movement. The event was also attended directly by the Deputy Mayor of Batam, Amsakar Ahmad, and also the Batam City Government Economic and Development Assistant, Febrialin.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own tumblers or drinking containers to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Lenzoe said, after the action of collecting garbage, his party would also sort out the organic waste with non-organic waste which would later be donated to the Bank Sampah in Batam to be recycled again.

He hopes that the people of Batam can be more aware of the environment so that similar activities no longer exist. ( Hastin Pinakesti) 

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