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Bintan Regional Police Station Determines 8 Persons Suspected of Forest And Land Burning

The Bintan District Prosecutor's Department has received eight investigative warrants (SPDP) for forest and land fire crimes (Karhutla).

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The police helped the Damkar officers to extinguish the fires, BATAM -  The Bintan District Prosecutor's Department has received eight investigative warrants (SPDP) for forest and land fire crimes (Karhutla) from the Bintan Regional Police in Bintan. 

The eight SPDPs, several have been named as a suspects. 

"For the Karhutla case, only eight SPDP that have been received from the Bintan Regional Police and the Sector Police who have sent the SPDP to the Bintan Kejari," said the Head of the Bintan Kejari, Sigit Probowo, Sunday (09/22/2019). 

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Sigit also informed that the Karhutla case was a concern for all elements of the community to not carelessly burn trash and clear the land by burning in this dry season. 

Meanwhile from previous news, the Bintan District Resort Police (Polres) have secured eight suspects in forest and land fires (Karhutla) in the Bintan District Police jurisdiction. 

The eight suspects who were secured, was secured from eight different case locations. 

Head of Bintan Police, AKBP Boy Herlambang said, the suspects claimed to burn the land, to open new land. 

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There are also a number of suspects who have been secured claiming to have accidentally burned forests and land, because at that time this suspect was burning the remnants of land rubbish that was cleared. 

"Even so, from the investigation that conducted, the suspect remains secured and it is suspected that there is an element of intent," Boy said, Tuesday (8/27) then. 

Boy added, the eight suspects who were secured consisted of several fire locations, including those handled by the Bintan Police Criminal Investigation Unit, two cases, East Bintan Sector Police, two cases, Gunungkijang Sector Police, one case and North Bintan Police Sector, three cases. (als)

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