Grand Final Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 Will Be Hold in Batam, Followed by 29 Countries

Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 will hold Grand Final in Batam City. They also confirmed there are contestant come from 29 countries including Indonesia.

Grand Final Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 Will Be Hold in Batam, Followed by 29 Countries
Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 contestants during group photo session - Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 will hold Grand Final in Indonesia precisely in Batam City, Riau Islands on September 22, 2019 which at Pacific Palace Hotel.

Previously, Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 with the license of Lumière International Pte Ltd, a Singapore-owned company, had chosen Singapore and Batam City, Indonesia to be host country of this event.

"Slogan of Miss Tourism Worldwide by promoting tourism and cultural exchange to the World really fits Batam Tourism mission and this is an opportunity for help Wonderful Indonesia to enter world map of tourism," he said during Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 Press Conference at Pacific Palace Hotel Batam , Saturday (9/21/2019).

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Press Conference was also attended by Head of Riau Islands Tourism Department, Buralimar; Assistant Director of Pacific Palace Hotel Business Development, Desy Juliaty; SB President of Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 International, Ms. Tan Quek Justina; Panel of judges from Hong Kong, Mr. Clarence Cheun; Panel of judges from Singapore, Mr. Richard Wong; National Director of Europe, Ms. Annick Eycken and from Russia Ms. Yana Solovyeva.

"Countries that have confirmed their presence in international contest come from 29 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Siberia, France, Britain, Korea, and Japan," he continued.

Beside that, representatives from Russia, Estonia, US, Tatarstan, Australia, India, Singapore, Curacao, Netherlands, Thailand, Belgium, Ghana, Mexico, Philippines, Nepal, Myanmar, Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, and Borneo were also present.

"Later the contestants will be judged in terms of personality, beauty, confidence, calmness, questions and answers also during the pre-assessment to win Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019," said Ms. Tan Quek Justina.

Led by Sumantri Endang, Pacific Palace Hotel General Manager as moderator there were several activities carried out by the contestants during press conference.

 "During this press conference, the contestants of Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 introduced themselves and introduced their favorite or local specialties," Sumantri said.

He said each contestant also brought a cookbook from their respective countries which would later be distributed to public library in Batam City.

Buralimar as Head of Riau Islands Tourism Office hopes this event can increase the level of tourism visits in Riau Islands, also in Batam.

"I hope this event can add attraction to Riau Islands or Batam and hopefully this event will continue," he said.

Interestingly, Grand Final will showcase Batam batik clothing from designer Natasya Rofalina to introduce it to the world. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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