Puri Khayangan Residence Offers Elegant Apartments With Fascinate Prices

Puri Khayangan Residence Apartments gives attractive offers. This elegant design apartment offers 498 units. Here are all the details about residence.

Puri Khayangan Residence Offers Elegant Apartments With Fascinate Prices
Sales Marketing Puri Khayangan Apartment when showing a bid booth at Mall Botania 2. - For those of you who are looking for residence, there is no need to worry now, Puri Khayangan Residence Apartments gives attractive offers.

Located in Batam Centre, this elegant design apartment offers 498 units, consisting of 3 types, namely types 28, 36 and 48.

"At the moment we are providing an attractive promo, which is that our additional facilities are provided by AC, TV and Refrigerator for prospective customers who buy furnished apartments in Puri Khayangan," said Marketing Puri Khayangan Residence Apartment, Jhony Hary, Sunday (9/22/2019 ).

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This full furnish apartment is an exclusive unit owned by Puri Khayangan Residence, located on the 19th, 21st and 22nd floors.

"We offer this unit as a prospective buyer who really wants it to be easier in buy housing. All they have to do is bring supporting equipment, "explained Jhony.

Not only that, if you buy an apartment in Puri Khayangan Residence, potential customers will get free fees for AJB, BPHTB and Certificates.

Is the first subsidized apartment in Batam, Jhony also explained that some are obtained when buying apartment units in Puri Khayangan Residence.

"Because we are in a strategic area, the benefits to consumers include education centers, expenditure centers, airports and ports," said Jhony.

 For the price, prospective buyers only need to spend about $ 2 million per month.

At the moment, Puri Khayangan Residence Apartment is currently opening a bidding booth at one of shopping centers in Batam, namely Botania Mall 2. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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