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Had Decreased IDR 10.000, Today Wednesday (2/10) Gold Price Rises IDR 4.000, Here Are Full Prices

PT Aneka Tambang gold price increase in the price of gold bars compared Tuesday (10/01/2019) which reported declined to IDR 10,000. Here are the price

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Gold bars produced by PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk. - The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) was quoted from Antam website,, Wednesday (10/2/2019) recorded at IDR 755,000 per gram.

The price applies for purchases at Antam Pulogadung office, Jakarta.

While the price of Antam's gold sales at other outlets can be different.

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For example, Antam's gold price at Antam Building, Jakarta today is recorded at IDR 762,000.

Another case with the price of gold recorded at gold boutique, Palembang, which is IDR 764,000 per gram.

With these prices indicate that there is an increase in the price of gold bars compared to Tuesday (10/01/2019) which reportedly declined to IDR 10,000.

Meanwhile, the buy back price or price obtained when selling Antam gold by gold bar holders on Wednesday (9/25/2019) is IDR 676,000 at Antam Pulogadung office, Jakarta.

The buy back price is also known to rise by IDR 4,000 when compared to the previous day's price nationally.

Over the past week, price of gold has decreased continuously.

Noted, in past 7 days the value of gold reached its lowest value at IDR 751,000 last Tuesday (10/01/2019).

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