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In Front of the Batam Entrepreneurs, Head of BP Batam, Rudi, Will Prove the Work Results in 4 Months

Head of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi attended the BP Batam dialogue with the businessmen at Harmoni One Hotel, Batam Center, Here's the remarks.

Rudi during his remarks in the BP Batam dialogue with the entrepreneurs, Thursday (3/10/2019), BATAM - Wearing a white shirt, cream pants, Head of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi attended the BP Batam dialogue with the businessmen at Harmoni One Hotel, Batam Center, Thursday (3/10/2019).

In his remarks Rudi said that he and the latest BP Batam staff must show the real performance within the first 4 months. 

"I was given an assignment by the Vice President and the President, Me, along with one deputy and four deputies were given the change within 4 months, can we do this or not?" 

Suddenly the question was immediately answered spontaneously by the all businessman who were present in that event with the exclamation, 'we CAN!'

"Because the businessman can answer it, I am sure, we are the government can do it too," he said.

Rudi said, in that dialogue the entrepreneurs could convey the problems that were encountered, including in the terms of regulation. 

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One highlighted by Rudi is related to the FTZ

He conveyed, later in the FTZ was given a KEK where within one month it must be immediately realized.

"One of the KEKs is MRO at the airport, the second is Turi Beach in the Nongsa area, the third KEK is the house KEK," he said.

Rudi continued, if the three KEKs had been resolved, he said that greater investment affairs would follow. 

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In his remarks Rudi was also expressed his desire to build Batam as planned by the late former Indonesian President, BJ. Habibie. 

Before closing his remarks, Rudi said that Batam City would get access assistance from the central government in the form of making toll roads.

It is planned that the toll road will connect the Batu Ampar area to Muka Kuning, and pass through Batam Center.

At the end, Rudi advised, that the entrepreneurs are also able to act cooperatively based on the applicable rules. ( Hastin Pinakesti) 

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