TODAY IN HISTORY: 10/08, Meteor 5-10 Meters Explode in Bone, South Sulawesi

Right on October 8, 2009, a meteor exploded in the Bone bay area, South Sulawesi. Here's the history of the story.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 10/08, Meteor 5-10 Meters Explode in Bone, South Sulawesi
Sighting of a Meteor that fell to the earth - Right on October 8, 2009, a meteor exploded in the Bone bay area, South Sulawesi.

The pounding reddish flashes and smoke occurred around 10:30 pm/Wita.

The successive boom that was so loud followed by a minor earthquake was initially thought to have crashed.

The local police at that time received reports from a number of residents of Tanjung Palete Beach who said that seeing objects emitting fire and a puff of smoke in the sky.

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The existence of a boom was also reported by residents of Wajo Regency, which borders Bone

Bone Police who received a report from this community, immediately conducted a search.

Meanwhile, allegations emerged that the sound similar to an explosion in Bone District was the sound of a Sukhoi aircraft belonging to the Air Force who was training.

However, this was denied by the Commander of the Air Force Base Sultan Hasanuddin Makassar, which at that time was held by Ida Bagus Putu Dunia.

According to Putu, the training plane did not use the speed of sound.

All six Air Force training aircraft were all reported back safely and there were no incidents.

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