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DEADLINE in 4 Months, The Head of BP Batam, Rudi, will Repair Batu Ampar Container Port

The Head of BP Batam, HM Rudi revealed, BP Batam will increase the capacity of the Batuampar container port to 5 million TEUs per year.

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The atmosphere of the container port at Batuampar, Batam, BATAM - The Head of BP Batam, HM Rudi revealed, BP Batam will increase the capacity of the Batuampar container port to 5 million TEUs per year.

This was conveyed by Rudi, on the sidelines of the 2019 Customer Gathering activity of PT Bank Sumut Batam Branch. The activity took place at Best Western Premier (BWP) Hotel, Panbil, Batam, Thursday (10/10/2019). 

He said, there were several things that were ordered by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, during his inauguration as Head of BP Batam, some time ago in Jakarta.

He was given a four-month deadline for the change.

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One of them is about the container port in Batuampar

Efforts to increase the capacity of container ports, including improving the port and replacing the goods from ship to land. 

"So we don't use truck cranes anymore, but we use permanent cranes," he said.

He hopes that in the near future these improvements can be completed. At least in 4 months, there is progress towards increasing the capacity. 

Rudi said, with this permanent crane, officers could cut the loading and unloading time of goods.

The estimate takes only 3-5 minutes.

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Or the estimate has increased 12 times the speed compared to before.

While the truck crane, the time can be up to 1 hour.

He continued, the container port at Batuampar is no longer suitable for export and import. 

"Therefore, the order from the President is that Batuampar Port must be immediately repaired," said Rudi. 

Previously it was reported, according to BP Batam's plan, the first stage of port development would be aimed at dredging sea lanes and structuring container yards on the northern pier. Including the arrangement of Persero's land area of 10 hectares. ( haryati) 

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