Erafone Holds Auction and Big Sale of Smartphone, Check The Date!

Auction and Big Sale held by Erafone. Specifically held by Erafone who was in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. Erafone said this promo opened great price.

Erafone Holds Auction and Big Sale of Smartphone, Check The Date!
Eraphone Nagoya Hill employees show Oppo products to be auctioned and wash warehouses from 12 to 13 October 2019. - For Batam citizen who are looking for affordable mobile phones, on Saturday and Sunday, 12 to 13 October 2019 Erafone will hold an Auction and Big Sale.

The event was specifically held by Erafone who was in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Batam City starting at 17.00 WIB.

Erafone Store Head of Nagoya Hill, Linda Tri said this activity was indeed regularly held by Erafone.

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"For the auction and big sale later, including third agenda of our activities this year, thanks to enthusiasm of citizen which is very good," he said, Thursday (10/10/2019).

During the auction and big sale, Linda said the cellphone offered to public was specifically Oppo brand.

There is one type of Oppo to be auctioned, Oppo F9 with the advantage of being able to make calls for up to two hours by charging for five minutes.

The system, Linda said auction price opened with IDR 500,000 and the highest bid price would be taken.

For cell phones included in big sale promo, Linda said there were four types offered including Oppo F11 Pro for IDR 2,499 million, Oppo F11 for IDR 1,999 million, Oppo A7 for IDR 1,799 million and Oppo A3s for IDR 999,000 and IDR 1,199 million .

"That's all the promo prices that we provide. "Normally the price is still around IDR 3 million," explained Linda.

It only lasted 2 days, Linda hopes that the auction can be able to attract more enthusiasm from Batam citizen.

"On the same agenda previously attended by approximately 30 participants, hope this year is the same can be even better," he said. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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