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New Sun Bread Gives Promo of Buy Three Get One Free

Bread menu choices are available in Batam. New Sun Bread gives promo promo to buy three loaves of bread free one loaf of bread. Here are the details.
New Sun Bread employees when showing bread products that get promo. - A variety of bread menu choices are available in Batam, one of which is in New Sun Bread.

Located in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, and several other areas in Batam such as Bengkong, New Sun Bread, there is a promo to buy three loaves of bread free one loaf of bread, and five loaves of bread free two loaves of bread.

"For free bread promo choices except for cake, cheese cake and same type. And for free we gives free too. Later, when they pay, sort from the highest price. For promo there is no time limit, "said Johan, Extended Manager Sun Bread, Friday (11/10/2019).

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Johan said the promo is valid specifically for Friday to Monday except on national holidays until an unspecified deadline.

For its bread variant, New Sun Bread sells products including floss bun, pizza bread, three-flavored bread, chocolate cheese, sausage bun, banana cheese, pandanus, srikaya, bread pudding and others. The price starts from IDR 8,000.

Beside to various flavors of bread, New Sun Bread also sells mini cakes at price of IDR 135,000, Bika Ambon for IDR 140,000 per pan and Layer cake at price of IDR 150,000 per pan.

"Not only bread promo, we also have a birthday cake promo in the form of 15 percent discount for students or vochers worth IDR 15,000 to IDR 20,000 for the purchase of ready stock cakes," Johan said.

New Sun Bread also sells variety of snacks such as peanut brittle, balado chips, and various drinks other than bread and cake.

"For the best seller, it is mostly shredded bread or floss bun. That's all we have to provide, "he said.

Johan said, consumers who come to New Sun Bread not only come from within the country but from abroad also tasted existing breads.

"Foreign citizens are usually busy on weekends. Most happy they buy the most bread or snacks, "he said. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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